Burger King and the future plan

In 2015, Burger King’s italian management launched a significant development plan that included over 200 openings by 2020, for a total investment of over €300M.
To support such an impressive development plan, Burger King was looking for a partner with a different profile from the “classic franchisee”, someone able to develop and implement an ambitious opening plan, with a more structured business approach in terms of both management and finance. The person thus identified would have been awarded with the title of Institutional Franchisee, which guarantees a “first refusal” right on all the openings in the assigned geographical area.

Burger King SEE

Burger King South East Europe is a company owned by the Canadian listed company Restaurants Brand International and by Kharis Capital, which operates the Burger King brand in Italy, Poland, Greece and Romania. In Italy the activities are managed by Burger King Restaurants Italia, with more than 170 restaurants in direct management and franchising.

In 2017, Nash Advisory supported a team of entrepreneurs and managers for the financial structuring of the operation that led to the incorporation and capitalization of BKNO srl. Burger King Restaurants Italia granted BKNO srl the Institutional Franchise for north west Italy (Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta); furthermore a pool of private entities, organized under a Club Deal, made investments for over 1M € from in this project.

Nash Advisory has been participating to the initiative since the first day, drawing up the business plan and all the documentation necessary for the evaluation of the investment by the investors involved. Nash Advisory also managed the negotiation related to the transaction and finally offered an ongoing support to the management, both through implementation of a management control system, and negotiating banking facilities with the institutions involved.